You feel it when you speeding through the skate park like a demon. It’s there when you take off down the mountain slope, the wind whipping at you and the blood pumping in your veins. That’s the chemicals inside you bubbling up, fueling your adrenaline and your exhilaration.

That’s the Chemical Storm.

Chemical Storm is more than just one of Australia’s most exciting independent sporting goods companies. Chemical Storm is where adventure begins. Since 2009, we have been fueling the passions of outdoor sporting enthusiasts everywhere with our premium range of snowboards, skateboards, apparel and outdoor gear.

We know performance is of paramount importance; that’s why our boards are engineered to meet every challenge. We recognise that the future is innovation; that’s why our gear is built tough from advanced materials. And of course, we never forget that individuality is key; that’s why we draw on a superior team of local and international artists to produce designs that are striking and memorable. It all ties into the Chemical Storm motto: be free-minded and rebellious to the core.

For us, it’s never just about the board, or the clothes, or the deck. It’s about your next adventure… and the one after that… and the one after that. Chemical Storm is always with you, from park to peak.